Photo credit: LeAndra Longworth from the Fossil Ridge High School production

Last Night in London

35 – 45 minutes
7 f, 6 m, 2 either (13-15 actors possible: 6-9 f, 5-8 m)
Set: Flexible.

Thirteen high school students face rumors, romances, and uncertainty as they celebrate their final night studying abroad in London. With hopes and inner struggles ranging from unrequited crushes to fears of losing touch, all the characters worry about their places in the world, both physically and emotionally. Using monologues and several short scenes, this play illustrates the heartbreaking, eye-opening experiences of living in a foreign country — and the inevitable questions that come when forced to leave it.

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From Santa Fe Trail Middle School’s production

Retail Rage or How I Spent My Summer Vacation

35 – 40 minutes
11 f, 2 m, 5 either (7-21 actors possible: 5-18 f, 2-10 m)
Set: Flexible.

Hailey just wants to be getting a tan at the beach, but a car wreck forces her to take a job at the mall to pay for the repairs. Luckily, she has her best friends Sarah and Grant sharing in her misery. Will these three be any match for a passive-aggressive manager, secret crushes, and crazy customers ranging from a fashion diva to a kleptomaniac?

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Subway Stories, or How Not to Do Your Homework on the R Train

30 Minutes
1-5 females, 4-5 males, 6-16 either (11-26 total cast)
Set: Minimal.

It’s the first day of class and Sam has already messed up: he totally forgot to write his essay on “Why I Heart New York.” Luckily, he has a long train commute with just enough time to come up with something to turn in. But how can a writer concentrate when there are celebrity sightings, break dance fights, and underground freak outs going on around him— not to mention all the other wackos of New York City public transit? Sam’s got a subway ride to figure it out.

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Lee Kelly, Melody Goodell, Kate Kertez, Samantha Walsh, staged reading at The Wild Project in NYC (2010)

Searching for Candi: A Play About Porn, Vengeance… and Friendship

Co-written with Gabriella Miyares
80-95 Minutes, No Intermission
4 Women

Lauren, Izzie, Millie, and Ashley were best friends in high school, and though they’ve somewhat lost touch with one another through the years, they reunite shortly after graduating from college when Ashley announces that she has gotten engaged. As the girls catch up and gossip about the past, news is revealed that Candace, the popular girl who made their lives hell in high school, is now in porn. As the girls search for the movie in an attempt to uncover their arch nemesis’ dark secrets, their own hidden agendas and unspoken truths come out into the open.

Searching for Candi received its first staged reading at The Wild Project in New York City in October 2010. It then went on to receive its first-student directed production with Mt. Holyoke College’s Project: Theatre on April 28-29, 2011.

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The Memory Queen

70-80 Minutes
4 Females, 1 Male, 1 Flex

Though she hasn’t seen her parents in almost six years since moving out, single mom Nora and her seven-year-old daughter Mia return home for the summer. Nora’s father, David, has a worsening case of Alzheimer’s, and Nora has a hard time explaining David’s condition to Mia, especially while dealing with her own estrangement from her family. In search of her own answers, Mia goes exploring late one night and learns a secret: her grandfather’s state is not caused by illness, but rather an evil memory-stealing queen, who Mia is destined to defeat. Armed only with a list of items to collect and her own memories, Mia must fight to save her grandfather and restore order to her family.

The Memory Queen had a professional reading directed by Rusty Thelin at the New Ohio Theatre in NYC on January 24, 2013, and featured actors Judaea Bellamy, Dave Bennett, Caroline Tamas, Stuart Zagnit, Mimi Jefferson, and Carissa Cordes.


Other People’s Children

110-120 Minutes, One Intermission
3 Females, 1 Male

Aspiring actress Jenn has an unexpected brush with celebrity when she takes a part-time job as a nanny, caring for the daughter of movie star Hal Lawrence and his wife, Anne. Jenn’s best friend, Sam, is convinced this is a huge opportunity for Jenn’s career, social status, and–upon hearing that Anne and Hal’s marriage might be on the rocks–Jenn’s love life. But when Hal returns home to New York after a press tour with the intention of staying put, Jenn finds herself caught in the complicated, fragile relationship between Hal and Anne that even the tabloids don’t know about. Based loosely on Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn.

Other People’s Children was a semi-finalist for the O’Neill Playwrights Conference and the Ashland New Plays Festival, and was featured in the Beautiful Soup Collective’s reading series.

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